. I want to be a 100% Fruitarian but my backup plan is raw vegan and here are some notes I written on my phone. Bananas and a little kale make a great smoothie in a vitamix. You need a Vitamix for a puree. Bananas frozen blended with some raw chocolate or carob bean makes a good chocolate smoothie you could add mint if you have it. . A lemon squeezed in some water charges the water and makes it alive. You drink this every morning when you wake up and put a jar in your car always. Frozen bananas and water smoothie to really well with some vanilla flavoring. What will keep you going to lunch is a five banana smoothie with water and you can add anything to it. Raspberries and pineapple especially if the raspberries are frozen make a great smoothie you could add a little stevia to this. Bananas and figs make an excellent puree or a smoothie. You can soak the figs the dried figs in some water and use the soak water because it's very sweet. In a vitamix you would have to get cashews and lemon juice to make a fluffy whipped cream. Fruit and nuts processed together is cake. Dried fruit and nuts processed together is pie crust. Banana and celery is a good smoothie. A good vinaigrette is blended blackberries with tahini and some water. Apple avocado is a great smoothie it was Anne Wigmore's favorite. Flax seeds soaked in water with some vinegar makes an excellent cracker. Blended tomatoes with some flax seeds soaked would make a good cracker dehydrated under 110 degrees. Nuts and water can make a good nut milk which you have to strain it and a nut milk bag. Food processed shredded apples with a good date sauce on top. The date sauce can be dates and water maybe with some cinnamon nutmeg and sweet spices like ginger. Blended mango and tomato make a good pasta sauce. If you have Italian herbs around you can add this but it's okay on its own. You can make spaghetti by spiralizing zucchini and butternut squash. Even with a sauce of olive oil and salt these are delicious. Date and nut little truffles you just would process up some dates with some nuts. Then roll into little balls. Thai coconuts scoop out the soft flesh and blend it up and you got coconut cream. There's a lot you can do with coconut cream if you add shredded carrots dates vanilla cinnamon etc you can make a nice pudding. You can soak raw oatmeal overnight and you'll have oatmeal in the morning that you can cover with berries. You can have salsa which is just chopped up tomato and onions. If you have herbs or lemon juice this would be nice but it's okay on its own. If you don't eat onions it would be tomato and lemon. Or you can do tomato and cilantro. Or you can do a chopped tomato and bell pepper. For cacao or raw chocolate just mix it with some agave and you got a nice syrup. Blend in vitamix. Dateorade is dates and water blended in a blender you fill it with dates maybe a quarter full and then the rest with water and blend it until it's purified completely and it's so delicious. Hemp nuts blended in a Vitamix with water will make a nice nut milk you do not have to strain. When making a pie filling the inside of the pie ..you need a sweet fruit and a sour fruit so a sweet fruit is good like banana or mango and then the sour fruit would be like pineapple or strawberry. Mango pudding would be ripe mangoes blended in a food processor until it's creamy and then you top it off with chopped strawberries. Macadamia nuts processed to a paste with dates makes a great pudding with a little water. You can make a great ice cream by mixing together cashew butter with maple syrup. If you have nuts you can grind it up a little bit for some texture like ground almonds. Lemon juice and oil make a great marinade for any kind of shredded root vegetable. If you have cranberries you mix it up with some dates and you got cranberry sauce you have to equal the dates to the cranberries so it's not so sour and if you want to throw in an orange in the food processor that is super yummy too but not necessary. You can make a yummy fruit leather with blended fruit and lemon juice. Dehydrate until it's like fruit leather. Nuts and vegetables will make a good meat. This is blended together in processor. You don't want any hard parts it's got to be like a pate. You can have things like poultry season sage any kind of meat spices. Basically what a nut loaf is ...this is advanced ..if you're new ..you would probably want this to taste a little different ..so you can add to your meat carrots bell pepper onions mushrooms. You can make this with cups of carrots and same nuts and just grind it all together if you have herbs you can put it in. A great juice to make in your juicer besides whatever's in your fridge. Would be Apple and orange. A great smoothie would be bananas and celery. Celery with some raw nut butter spread on it makes a great snack. You can take a piece of kale and wrap a date in it. If you have cacao beans you can stick a cacao bean inside the date. Medjool dates are the best. Wild things outside like clover and dandelion salads might be a little bitter. They are best with sweet dressings. A good sweet dressing is water tahini and some dates. Instead of tahini you can add any nut to your vitamix and grind it up with some dates ..water..and it makes a sweet dressing and it's also creamy. Tahini and lemon juice with some water make a great salad dressing. You can add herbs or any garlic or anything you prefer. Raw sesame seeds made into little squares with some agave make a great halvah. Blended tomatoes and cucumber make a great soup if you're not advanced and a beginner you can add a teaspoon of agave and it'll bring out the flavors. Orange juiced with ginger is a great combination. Papaya with lime all over it is so delicious. Watermelon thrown in the blender with mint is delicious. Deseed them. Ground up grains soaked overnight with any kind of vegetable makes a great bread in the dehydrator. Season the way you like. Ground up grain soaked overnight with any kind of dried fruit and make a great porridge. Ground up grain soaked overnight like wheat and any kind of vegetable or herbs you can dehydrate it or bake it on a rock in the sun. Sun tea is basically a gallon of water in the sun all day with whatever you want to put in it like herbs like mint or orange slices. Pineapple and tahini make a great salad dressing in a blender with some water. Strawberry Lemonade Ingredients:     3 cups of spring or filtered water     1/2 cup organic lemon juice     2 cups organic strawberries, fresh or frozen     stevia or agave to taste Directions:     Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. In a pinch with greens a tablespoon of avocado oil and maybe a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar. Or you can eat the greens just like that I've seen people do it. We eat the spinach like chips.

 I bought a fruitarian book once and it had cooked fruitarian recipes in it and I've never heard this spoken about in the community and I'd like to hear your opinions on it especially the raw till 4 people.

My immediate goal would be to make all of the recipes in freely's raw til 4 book but only the raw versions they are so pretty and so beautiful and that's my goal. 📖 

 I'm going to aim for a 100% fruitarian these are just my writings on my phone that may be useful to someone.

 Fruit is like a religion it will save you it will create miracles  and it's unexplainable what it is and I used to be perfect at it and now I'm imperfect but please God Durian help me be perfect again. We are all imperfect. Joke!

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  • OMG I am in absolute heaven! I am quite new to the frugivore/fruitarian/raw vegan journey. I got over cooking a long time ago, do not enjoy spending forever in the kitchen to create a meal. I want to see the colours of the rainbow pop out and make foods interesting really quickly and simplying. Minimalism is my aim too. So these will definitely come in handy for many reasons! I have recently bought a dehyrdrater but do not plan on making fancy "look alike" meals with it as I've tried and many have failed.  My aim is the occasional bread/wrap in the dehyrator, making celery salt and papaya pepper seeds kind of thing. The rest, I just want to use fresh fruit & veg, seeds and nuts as simply as poss with dressings, as smoothies, juices etc. Thank you so much for these ideas, my brain is jumping for joy of what we can make now. Heading off on a caravan holiday in a couple days and taking juicer and thermomix, spiraliser, hand held mandoline and that's pretty much it. Bring on all the tropical fruit we will come across on our road trip to Cairns QLD.

  • My favorite combo at this time of year:

    Bowl of pomegranate seeds with either chopped pineapple, or mandarin orange slices.

    Colorful and so tasty - the thought of it makes me salivate!

  • ok Suvine! here's my 2 ingedient contribution :) https://www.instagram.com/p/ClR5tR7pl8r/

    frugivore vegan on Instagram: "2 ingredient strawberry milkshake I like to call #strawberrydatorade…
    frugivore vegan shared a post on Instagram: "2 ingredient strawberry milkshake I like to call #strawberrydatorade 😍 it’s honestly so good you need to…
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