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  • unity with crooks ?  we don't want

  • Hi Freelee,

    I interviewed Matt about this yesterday, you can see it here:

    And I would love to interview you too, to show your side of this matter to our

    visitors in

    Hope you accept my invitation!

    Looking forward to this.

    Big Hug!


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    • Thx for the informative interview. Good speech from Mr. Monarch!

    • My personal response to Matt....

      Matt, you really should run for the United States Senate. You are truly a MASTER of obfuscation. Except to those who are listening to what you're saying. First of all, this message you sent to the raw foods "community" of which you made yourself a self proclaimed "leader" (stuff having leaders mate, we don't need em), was so lame it fell on it's face, because frankly, nobody cares. It had no energy behind it except it was a chance for you to muddy the waters and play the man of peace, which you have no right to do so while you do what you do. We don't need to "unite" or "have a consensus" or otherwise tolerate the intolerable. Our strength is in millions of individuals engaging critical thinking for themselves, making their own choices, and living by their own found principles. That s**t is unbeatable.

      This movement is free form, freely evolving, built of individuals. So as for your trying to "bring the leaders together" - I mean what are we - sheep? we need a shepherd? guidance? Who are YOU to lead anyone? Is this the old world order all over again mutating before our eyes? Personally, and I can only speak for myself, I don't want none of that. EVER. ANYONE who comes along and tries to dilute your resolute principle and ethics is a snake oil salesman from day one - be damn careful. They will always claim it's for the "good of the people" or "the children" or "the community". We don't need a community when we are individuals - it will happen organically, not through leadership but commonly arrived at goals and principles derived from sound individual critical thinking. But you always need a community when people are lazy and not thinking for themselves, those people need leaders to guide them over the edge of the cliff where they often unconsciously want to go. But what's the real motivation for such claims? Anyone educated in history knows it can NEVER be good. Personally I don't even call it the movement, it's just necessary evolution out of a very dark age.

      The bottom line that you avoid constantly is the cruelty to those animals. Like Chris said, it's not about you. The non-consentual use and abuse, and TORTURE of those animals WHILST operating under the raw foodist banner is truly vomit-worthy butt-dragging hypocrisy. The world is in a serious crisis and about 80% of the problem can be traced back to the diet of rich, sick, fat, totally brainwashed by the military complex, spoiled, westerners suing and abusing animals - worse, unnecessarily -  who will likely in the near future lose everything they gained participating in this evil system. Anyone who understands the depth of this reality and is trying to make a difference even if just with their own lifestyle choices should be offended by your flippant, greedy, glib attitude towards it all. And you should be ashamed. Before you say this is a hate message, realise this - I would put money on it that every single person on this site and many elsewhere would be ready to embrace you and forgive you if you repented of the wrong things you have done and continue to do - selling cruelty products for a buck. You don't have to be 801010, certainly I can't imagine anyone here "hating" you for not embracing the high carb lifestyle, you weren't hurting anyone not doing so. That scientifically people here would disagree with your low carb approach is no reason to hate, just healthy debate in search of the truth. The fact you are vegan WAS commendable, until you recanted for the almighty dollar - and that is a disgrace and shows you had no principles to begin with, or have otherwise lost your way for some reason.

      But change now, rest assured, nobody here will hold grudges, or have malicious intentions towards you. Almost nobody here has never eaten meat, or bought animal cruelty products. But that was when they didn't know better or different. What distinguishes people here and elsewhere is that they realised what it meant, woke up, made a personal choice on their own merit and acted out the changes in their lives. Some people like me, were vegan, went back to eating meat, and went vegan again when they realised the full implications of the situation. I'm sorry I ever ate meat. I'm ashamed I didn't wake up much sooner. So how can I judge you unless you know better and do wrong anyway. Indeed, it is your malicious intention towards the animals that is generating this response right now. Personally I certainly don't begrudge you your wealth - that portion of it that was honestly garnered that is. I celebrate it. We need more rich middle class in the world. Money itself is not evil, and there's nothing wrong with having lots of it - it's how it's gained, and how it's used - as they say "guns don't kill people, people kill people" well money is the same, it's merely a tool, dependant on how we use it. We need more honest small businesses taking from the mouths of the corporate hoardes for a start - but not wealth gained unethically, through exploitation and evil HORRIFIC torture or you are simply feeding the fires of hell with more refuse with which it can then burn the whole planet down.

      A lot of people throw around this bulls**t term of "non-judgementalism" or "don't be judgemental". I say BE judgemental, of everything, if judgemental = discernment of reality, then I'm all for it. It's gone from meaning "don't be prejudiced" to "give up any kind of intelligent discernment and just ACCEPT everything. Which is absurd. It's one thing to throw stones in glass houses, but it's another thing to be lacking of adequate discernment, and that's what you're promoting, that people drop their properly placed judgements, their correctly attained discernment of reality - their deeply valuable principles - something the world sorely needs - and accept wrong as right for the sake of the collective. Yikes... WTF.

      If you had any integrity or shame you would have retracted those products at first time you were called out on them. We all know the United States is the biggest funder of terrorism in the world, from Al Qaeda in Iraq Libya and Syria to the Boston Bombers but at one time their motto was "Never negotiate with terrorists". Point being, that old policy was right and stemmed from old traditional American philosophical arguments (if they would have just followed it to the letter), being, you can't negotiate with terrorists, you can't have flexibility / tolerance / negotiations with evil. If you give up 1% of the practice you lose 100% of the principle. Cutting off deer antlers is f**king evil mate. Get it through your skull and realise the fact. You're hurting innocent creatures to make money, and selling something to unfortunately gullible people who don't need it, and you're doing it under the obfuscatory guise of bringing peace by letting a little evil in just to help them get over their evil, which is a good... I mean WTF! This is the reversed Orwellian backwards doublespeak we were always warned about, coming from YOU. Do you realise what you have become mate? I'd be in tears to wake up and find I was in that state of consciousness. Look in the mirror, shed some tears for those animals and yourself, and take those products off your site, and publicly recant and breathe and air of liberation you have freely given to others who are right now at your mercy and would beg for it if they knew to. You will be embraced and celebrated for doing so, it's just the way people are, but until and unless you do we can't do that.

      Don't say this is not about love. Don't say this is about hate. I love those deers, I love that which is innocent in the world. I abhor that which harms it. Embrace your own innocence, give up the money, which evilly obtained is worthless, and do the right thing and you'll be once again be an expression of honesty and innocence which can BE embraced by others.

      Unless and until you change your position you're just another spoilt ignorant and arrogant yuppie who has grown up believing that abuse and cruelty and just raining down shit on other people around the world is part of your special privilege of being a white American/westerner. You believe capitalism means theft and abuse, raping and pillaging, instead of integrity and consensual value for value. You're not harmed by the outrage by the response to your selling of these cruelty items, you're loving it, enthralled, boyant it seems - it's feeding you, because you have no principles or ethics - it's just a joke and a game to you. But if anyone ever tried to hold you down and cut something off whether it grew back or not you'd ball like a baby and pee your pants. It wouldn't be so funny then. That's not a threat, to be clear, just pointing out your hypocrisy. Yet you're doing that to others with apparent impunity, and worse, to those who are unable to speak for themselves. Unable to sue you for your actions against them.

      You bad business conduct however is being harmed by Freelee's petition, because the truth always cuts through obfuscation and bull and it burns the energy of evil doers and those complicit in evil. So you come out flailing "I'm the good guy I just want peace". Obfuscate obfuscate. Freelees petition and her brave video is bringing real light to the subject of your purchasing and support of cruelty and torture. Unlike your empty message of compromise, rejecting extremely important principles, and acceptance of evil for the welfare of collectivism and community, her message actually has powerful energy and a real message that people resonate with. Get it? Truly the roots of true American philosophy are great and profound something Matt you maybe should take a course in. What would Emerson or Whitman say about your hypocrisy Matt. They'd grill you alive with their words, if you dared attempt to stand on your corrupted philosophical foundation, one that sits above a precipice of regret and karma. Frankly if someone were to articulate your hypocrisy with such a precision I think you'd soil yourself on the spot. It's said we should "be the change we want to see in the world" - well your actions advocate we should just go on the way it is so you can make money.

      So this is my invitation to you Matt, to grow some and come back to the human race. Repent, recant, take down those cruelty items from your store, stop being a complete jackass, everyone is ready to forgive you but as long as you persist in doing wrong under the banner of something so many people hold to mean something very important - in essence making a public mockery of what so many people believe in - and again I'll just speak for myself - that *I* believe in - then expect to be called out on it because you don't deserve to sell products under that banner while doing the reverse of what it means and stands for and at the same time have everyone just accept it. It's like being a gay rights activist and saying "I love the gays" then campaigning against same sex marriage. Most gay people aren't going to like you for it.

      Time to grow up mate, be a man, and realise that you can't be double minded in this world. Get it straight. Either be an animal product sales man, or a raw vegan. You can't have it both ways to make a buck AND expect everyone to just nicely accept that as a convenience to you.

      It's not hate, it's love - for the animals, for innocence, for the value of innocence in this world run by psychopaths. For those people who are waking up and don't need another con artist to re-ensnare them in false ideas while telling them it's what they've been looking for, and selling them unscientific mumbo jumbo sourced from torture and abject evil like friggin deer antler. For *your* innocence and feelings if you choose to embrace those by doing the right thing and honouring them. Nobody in touch with their own innocence and feelings can sell what you sell or do business with anyone who does. And it's not as if you are or ever were in a position of such need that you could hope to justify it (not that you could even if you were). Think about what you're doing. As long as you continue it I for one will speak out against your hypocrisy, be assured of that. And if that harms your sales, then that is at least a small justice for the deer, though I'm sure they won't feel any better for it until no more are brought into the web of cruelty you and other jackasses like David Wolfe-in-sheeps-clothing help to perpetuate. Frankly if you persist in full knowledge of what you are doing to continue to make money you probably don't deserve any of it. So if you do, and karma takes it away, remember you were warned.

      Lastly, this is about do unto others. I'll call you a jackass and chastise your hypocrisy as harshly as I can because I wish someone would have talked to me that way back when I was eating meat and otherwise being another one of many millions who ignorantly, unthinkingly, and unfeelingly participated in the senseless evil torture of animals, conned into it from childhood by a diabolical system we should have NO PART of. We call ourselves vegans, and we're starving the Beast while fulfilling ourselves, and you come in and say "come on, the Beast needs to eat too". F**k that. I still feel sorry for you man, because I see the part of you that is lost and doing this evil, but I'll rail against you while you do it, hoping you come around, but remembering those you are harming at the same time.

      • VERY well said Mike!!  

        It is very hard to look at any vid of the monarchs' now, as all I can see is hypocrisy and marketing. NOT ONE SINGLE WORD has come from him over the past week with regards to all of this and the only vids he has made are 'cutesy' recipe vids...but you don't have to view too far in, within a minute or two, yet another product will be 'featured' all nicely wrapped up in a 'recipe'.  If you saw the vid where they were preparing for a trip into the city...honestly guys, you need THAT MUCH stuff?  Notice also, the ripened bananas were the LAST thing to be packed..and just casually mentioned and shown..  He is now trying to play the nice 'family guy', but in every vid it is ALWAYS concentrating on the marketing and their website with their products are always shown. 

        I initially really looked up to the pair of them and really adored their life and lifestyle.  I also initially did learn alot from them and def especially admired the way they claimed to have a raw pregnancy and truly natural birth. Though, I did notice a slight 'smirk' when they mentioned about Angela being '100% raw' during her pregnancy..hmmm..just a feeling I got that somehow things may not be as they portrayed.  But, now all I see are a pair of scam artists who only do stuff to further their bank balance.   They also have a HUGE plot of land, enough surely for so many people wanting to come out and share their lifestyle and live off the many others are actually living their, apart from the 'staff' of course!

        I will say again, I have a feeling that this was all completely planned and orchestrated, Matt went into the raw world not authentic, and he is still...not I doubt if the big bucks actually swayed him, I think you will find he was ALWAYS about the 'big bucks'.  Notice the likes of Dan McDonald, Durian, Freelea and others who are simply spreading the truly natural word, they are not millionaires, the ones who are are the snake oil salesmen who are plugging garbage and making you think, through NLP (most likely) that you actually need it..when you blatantly DO NOT!

        But, watch out folks...Matt may still yet come out with a very carefully worded and planned apology, with matching vid, of "how is no longer selling this animal cruelty stuff."..but be warned, it will most probably be put in such a way to make him look 'oh so amazing, oh so caring'..when all along it will most probably be another example of him conning the masses. Just another marketing ploy to make himself look good!  In my eyes, it makes no difference whether he takes down the stuff or not, the damage to his reputation has already been done and do not trust him anymore, end of..and if he does take this stuff down, I would be extremely wary of how he orchestrates it!

        • Cheers kiwimaj yeah I have to say I agree with you about it being his intent from the start to make money, and everything else you said actually. Seems like he just decided to follow raw food as a funny way of doing it, and because there are lots of gullible under-carbed people who don't know what they're doing yet there that you can con with wuwu and linguistics and hippie-speak. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt even if it seems that is the wrong thing to do. You never know who may see the light and come around.

          As for Durian and Freelee, I hope they DO make millions with sponsorships and all kinds of stuff. There's nothing wrong with making money in my opinion and I don't think it's "noble" to be poor... it *can* be noble to be poor, or rich, really it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the person. Durian and Freelee could make heaps of money and not give up a tiny bit of their principles - would it then be ok? Money doesn't need to be a temptation if you have strong solid principles, in fact money is a weak temptation for people who really know what principles mean and how valuable they are, and how crap you feel and are without them. I grew up in Aus and there is a big hang up there (that I experienced) esp among most middle and working class about having money, that if you have money you must somehow be greedy or got it in a bad way - and even if you didn't , that you don't immediately give it all away to people around you is considered bad form by some people. I think that's absurd. Nobody owes their life or living to anyone else. If it's honestly gained, all power to you why should we begrudge anyone else their honest success. I think that's a bad thing - begrudging someone their success - what kind of society is that? Then we secretly relish the downfall of the strong, like the haters who jumped to celebrate and revel in the cancelling of Durianriders channel.

          In fact, the money that Durianrider already makes off his channel makes him a stinking rich millionaire success story where I'm living. Is that a bad thing? Of course not! It's damn good! I wish truly in my heart he would have more than enough money pouring out his ears for one thing he deserves it for another there's everything right with having wealthy *normal* people in the world, instead pedophile oil CEO's and so on...! but aside from that I know he would do tremendous good with it. He would use it to help people spread the word and so on, and it's not that he would need to that to justify his existence, but it's just his nature.

          • good posts mike on many things !

            also hope durianrider and freelee rake in all the coin they want and need

            i personally love making money

            • "The man who lusts for money is adversary to the man who lusts for harmony."


              •  So true I think. At my work place; some people are obsessed with working disgusting amounts of overtime to rake in merely a quarter more than their average paycheck. Meanwhile their kids grow up being raised only by mom or Power Rangers. :P

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