Fruit Salads




Lately I have been blending fruit salads up.. I blended some hemp seeds with ground up apples and dates and it was so yummy. These photos I found when downloading all my facebook data to flote and to google photos. So I want to go through them, because they are so yummy. I will have many more that are considered off line or throwaways too.


I went through an ice cream phase, and froze fruit to run it through the champion. I miss my champion. I want it back. And the second photo is my mini food processor. That is recent photoI like food ground up. I do. It is so nice to eat soft sometimes. The last photo is a snack in a jar. I used to fill up cups like that with fruit and snack all day. Looks so yummy.


This was from a long time ago. I went with my ROTC girlfriend to this fancy restaurant in coral gables. I would take her out a lot, we were jogging partners. I told the waitress to ask the chef to make me a fruitarian meal and this is what I got. It was a mango avocado sprout cube of some sort. Avocado to hold it together.


This was at a raw vegan potluck. I met Robby Barbaro there for the first time. It was so much fun. This was a durian and some of my stuff I got. Those brown things are so yummy.

I forget the name, maybe you know? But it was like a lychee but less pink. The sun shining in this photo was reflecting off of a very beautiful fruit farm paradise. Total ecstasy. 

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