It's awesome to have you here! This community is really growing fast and has an energetic and happy vibe – we aim to keep it that way! The following guidelines are to ensure that we all enjoy our time here and are respectful of others.
We would love to extend a particular welcome to those of you who are interested in, heading for or currently following a low fat raw vegan lifestyle. We here at The Frugivore Diet honor Nature’s/Gaia's design and believe a low fat raw vegan way of eating is what both humans and the planet thrives on. We are dedicated to helping the planet and also in supporting individuals who are similarly motivated. This is a place where your opinion is valued - please just be conscious and adhere to the guidelines before sharing it. We believe in freedom of speech but not freedom of screeech.

As much as we don't like to censor anyone - and will avoid doing so - unfortunately we feel these guidelines are necessary to maintain the integrity and 'high vibe' of the community. First and foremost this network was created to support people wanting to succeed on a low fat raw vegan lifestyle not those wanting to debate the validity of it. So if that's why you want to join, please read 811, peruse the forum, and do your research first then join us when you are convinced this is the right way to go.
Please help us maintain a level of decorum so that parents feel good about bringing their kids here to learn, share and enjoy in the community. Adult issues can be discussed in such a way that model the art of effective, peaceful communication. Warning: You may occasionally come across some language you find offensive.

The Frugivore Diet is a community about personal and planetary growth, living foods, health, healing and animal liberation. As well as being about raw food, we are also a 100% vegan site. You will find many of us are passionate about our animal friends and their welfare, we do not support meat eating practices/posts or the exploitation of animals. We believe they are not food and should be loved like a best friend and not served up as a meal. There are many other forums that support an animal-based diet if you are interested in discussing this lifestyle. We also do not promote fashionable, low standard lifestyles like "flexitarianism".
We do not support posts linking to websites/blogs etc that support the consumption of animal products. We already know they aren't human food and have no need to debate their inclusion in the human diet. So please do not do this.
If you are not vegan then please peruse the forum and learn before signing up, this will prevent any inappropriate questions being asked on a vegan forum.
TFD does not tolerate promotion of the human supremacy syndrome. This means we oppose the harassment and exploitation of sentient beings for the 'potential benefits' of some humans. We find it unacceptable to suggest that humans use animals for experimentation, entertainment, consumption, clothing, economic benefit etc. 

If you would like to advertise anything on the forum please contact us first so we can approve the material and make sure it is appropriate and positive. We have been recommended to advise members about the use of any copyrighted material - make sure you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material or label it. Please choose a username and profile pic that is appropriate or we will change it for you.

If you quote and link to slanderous sites the references will be removed, we aren't interested in providing free advertising for jealous banana haters. 


Be it known that TFD does not discriminate based on gender, creed, color, ethnicity, faith, orientation, or race (for ultimately aren't we all part of just one--the human race?) In your communications on this forum, we appreciate your respectful consideration of your fellow members.


If your posts are deemed threatening, hateful, harassing, obscene or just plain inappropriate by the The Frugivore Diet team then we will have no other choice but to remove them. If you make a habit of being disrespectful to the team you may be deleted from the forum. This kind of behaviour is unnecessary and we will not support it. Speak your mind but keep it helpful!

With that thought in mind, we also will not tolerate any discussions that center around the use of drugs, recreational or otherwise, including pills, potions, powders, botanical tinctures/extracts/isolates, elixirs of life (and death), enemas/colonics, superfoods.  This community is for people who wish to remove the cause of their symptoms rather than acting directly upon the symptoms which can only ever yield temporary results, (exceptions would be for medical emergencies and/or under doctor supervision).  We are here to assist community members to be the best they can be, and believe that drugs such as chemo, vaccines and marijuana do not provide optimum fuel or nutrition for the human body but are just another stimulant that the body would need to detoxify which drains the body’s precious energy. The low-fat raw vegan lifestyle provides the best high anybody could ever experience, and we are here to help you achieve that.
We will not tolerate "anti-fruit" posts or advice that recommends calorie restriction/or the suggestion that others are "overeating on fruit", also recommending others restrict their water intake will not be supported on The Frugivore Diet, these threads will be deleted and you will be given a warning. This advice is not only unproductive but dangerous to the health of our members.


Lastly if the crew decides that you are not ready to be part of the community here for any reason or just being unproductive on the site then your membership status may be in jeopardy.  If we discover you deliberately misrepresenting the site on other forums we may remove your profile from TFD, after all why be somewhere that you don't want to be? The crew is fair and NEVER bans anyone for NO reason and any decisions they make are final and not open to debate.

TFD does have guidelines about posting here.  Posts that are outside of those guidelines are edited, deleted or responded to accordingly.  It's been that way since the beginning and it is one of the reasons this place is the gem that it is, always keeping the focus on the high carb frugivore lifestyle.  We also change discussion headers where we see fit, please do not change it back or continually question this or you may be suspended.
Please address any questions, comments or criticisms about moderation, the TFD guidelines or the way things are done around here privately to a peacekeeper or administration.  The forums are not the place to do this.

We welcome those who are happy to work with us and abide by the guidelines. If you choose to cause trouble then your participation in this community may be short. Whilst we don’t want to lose anyone, we also need to do what’s necessary to maintain the high-vibe and purpose of the group.  TFD has a one month cooling off period for anyone suspended. This gives them time to re-read the guidelines and get a feel for the forum.  If suspended members would like to rejoin after their month off, they can message the administrators through the TFD message box that comes up when they try to sign in.

Important NOTE to read! about how we do things here

* Please take not of the Ingredients and photos not supported on the frugivore diet. 

* Please read our policy on the promotion of cooked food on the frugivore diet main forum.

* We have a group for high carb cooked vegan discussions here

* All sexually-related material must be posted here:

* The videos which we approve of on the frugivore diet.

* Our  FAQ'S

* The frugivore diet is an Animal Sanctuary and is a No Kill Zone even for the foods we feed our pets!

* Spamming, scamming, and harassment of members and the frugivore team will not be tolerated

* More guidelines that will keep your stay here on the frugivore diet enjoyable!


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Please remember that once you post on the forum you agree that your information then becomes part of the site unless deleted by administrators, if you are banned whether your information will be kept or not will be up to the site administrators, so please be aware of this when posting something that may lead to your removal from this community.
By commencing to post we assume that you have agreed to these conditions.

Enjoy !!
Love from the Frugivore Diet team :-)

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