it's nearly time for the 30 day frugivore challenge! it's good to get clear about why you are doing this and write it down to help your conviction. please share here what motivated you to want to eat a raw food diet. what health challenges do you want to heal? what inspired you? etc 

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  • In my adult life I've survive 2 separate motor vehicle accidents. One where I was a pedestrian hit by a car, another where someone drove in front of my car on a highway and I hit them head on as a result of their carelessness. This means for the last decade I've been managing chronic pain and dealing with post concussive syndrome amung some other "super fun" symptoms from each accident. 

    I found over the years how much raw vegan, fruit forward lifestyle has been in reducing the inflammation from the accident and helping my nervous system to normalize. I've also taken training as an advanced Yoga Therapy instructor and living as a frugivoire best suits my understanding of that spiritual path.

    I grew up in a meat eating home and had long since been addicted to caffiene and had a pretty intense sweet tooth which I now see has been a sign of deficiency. I've been Vegan for 4 years, Vegetarian for 8 years total. 

    Right now I'm a year and a half into my most recent recovery journey and have struggled with energy a bit so I've been drinking the god forbidden drug coffee!! I'd really like to get off it once and for all so my big push this year is to do that. I've been good enough to always start with water and fruit on empty stomach in the morning and limit myself to 1 small cup but obviously it is a stimulant and I'd like to resolve the underlying issue. 

    My focus is to help better support my nervous system and adrenal glands so I'm looking for any help with that specifically so that I can finally leave the recovery phase and enjoy the deeper facets of living the fruigivoire lifestyle to deepen my spiritual path. 

    • Oh Yes, also, I'm 24 weeks into my pregnancy and I plan to raise my babe fruigivoire and cruelty free vegan. I'm excited to deepen my understanding of this lifestyle so I give my kiddo the best chance at a sustainable and healthy vegan lifestyle growing up. 

      • The best thing I have found that helps me stay stimulent free, is making sure I eat enough calories from fruit, as well as exercise... which im not sure how limited you are but I find stregth development is extra helpful, like body weight and weights.. but both the calories and the exercise aids in the best sleep. You have a lot of healing to do. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? And what time do you go to bed? I made my most healing strides when I was sleeping 12 hours a night... yes 12! But I woke up FULL of energy, never wanted caffeine after that. As time goes by, you may not need as much sleep, but really, I would try and eat enough that you can sleep that long or at least 10 hours, im sure your body would love it. How many calories a day are you eating right now?  Oh, and I would do everything possible to get off caffieine for a few days before expecting yourself to be able to sleep enough to feel way more natural energy. If I drink coffee in AM now, I cant sleep that night very well, im so sensitive. 

        Oh and congrats on your pregnancy :)

      • What an inspiring story! Congrats on pregnancy. I have to reccomend a book that really helped me stop caffeine and is intended really for all "addiction." Allen Carrs easy way to loose weight, I was not trying to loose weight but get off coffee and bread. I listen to it on audible so I can use the self guided meditation every day to start off right. I was plesantly surprised to find out what he recommends is a raw vegan lifestyle! You can do it!💗

        • Congratulations on your pregnancy!

          I second Colleen's reccomendation for Allan Carrs books. I quit drinking, smoking and went vegan after reading his books. I think he has one for Caffeine too. Reading them is a form of hypnotherapy. Pretty magical stuff. Another book people swear by but for chronic pain is The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. John Sarno. You just read the book and poof! your pain goes away. It's worth it to read the reviews on Amazon at least. 

          Best of luck. 

          • Jules!!!!1,000,000 thanks! I was off yesterday and listened to the entire mind body prescription! I also sent it to my sister! So excited to get past all my sciatica, heel spurs, knee neck and shoulder pain. And I had migraines so bad I had a brain scan in my old job! A therapist told me once I was holding onto anger! This book is me! And my sis with different problems of skin and stomach issues! Thank you!!!! I'm so excited!

            • You're welcome! I hope it works for you and your sister and you both can live pain free forever! 🤞🤞

          • Ooooh I need that one too! Thanks for the reccomendation!!👍

  • I want to be fully raw because I know it will help me have a fuller life! After years of health issues both physical and emotional I am happier and healthier than ever and nearly 44! I see Freelee and other beautiful and happy people in the raw community and see they are even more vibrant than the average vegan. I love how I feel when I eat fresh in season foods that require no or minimal preparation. I feel like a kid again! It reminds me of sitting on the roof with my sister as kids eating cherries and mulberries sticky and full of pure joy!

  • I woke up this morning SO excited! I believe in the power of raw foods and I know that I will feel amazing soon. Cooked vegan just isn't enough to live my life optimally. This challenge will help me to not only shed physical weight,  but emotional baggage too. This challenge means digging deep and knowing that I have the ability to change. I have been going through my Freelee books and have a shopping list ready to go. I can't wait to go shopping in a bit. Best of wishes to everyone ❤ 

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