hey frugivore!

i figured this discussion would be beneficial as you head into your 30 day frugivore diet challenge. please add below why YOU are choosing fresh living food now instead of cooked. 

i have been a fruit-based vegan for 14 years on January 1st 2021. initially i spent many years on an all-raw living-foods diet. it was amazing but i allowed myself to get too hungry too often and fell back into cooked foods. for years i tried to get 'back on board' then i gave up and decided 'raw was too hard right now'... obviously an excuse. since april 2020 i have been back on living foods and many wonder why i made the shift from raw till 4 back to all raw. 

so i should clarify here. since being back on the frugivore diet (high carb raw vegan), i have had toasted nori, a pasteurised juice here and there and maybe a few dishes with cooked cashews (which are never raw). i am eliminating these, not for purity reasons but because i feel best eating living foods. 

below are some of the reasons i prefer the raw vegan frugivore diet over the raw till 4 diet. 

  • BEAUTY-FULL:  on living foods i just feel beautiful even if nobody else thinks i am. 💁🏼‍♀️ like a superhero 🦹‍♀️ sometimes it's hard to put into words how i'm feeling but beauty-full, as in filled with love. nourished, whole, alive, vibrant, satisfied, excited, complete. when i eat meals of cooked food this beauty-full feeling is dulled and suppressed. 
  • TASTE: one thing i had forgotten over the years since including cooked food was that i actually prefer the taste of living foods over cooked foods. this ofc makes sense seeing that's what human frugivores are designed to eat! i love the depth and complexity of flavours of raw living plant foods whether it's just fruit or combined dishes. cooking destroys so much of this complexity and the delicate flavours then the human frugivore attempts to add it back in with various condiments. once my tastebuds were 'clean' again (and i ate enough calories) i no longer 'craved' cooked food. 
  • PASSION: my senses are sharper and i feel an extra ziiiiing and passion for life. i have never achieved this fully while eating cooked meals. 
  • DIGESTION: my digestion is not optimal when eating cooked meals, it never really has been. i came to the lifestyle with very poor digestion and large fruit meals have always been queen when it comes to optimal digestion and assimilation.
  • SKIN: i've been taking notes on this for years - i love the sun protection phytochemicals like carotenoids (namely betacarotene) gives my skin. this protective effect disappears with the inclusion of a single daily cooked meal as the amount of fruit ingested in reduced below what is needed. the betacarotene is stored under the skin (that rawfoodie glow) where it awaits conversion to vitamin A when needed and also provides SPF 4 which is great because SPF 8 can block 90% of vitamin D production. although you can still burn on raw, i find myself being able to withstand so much more sun and tan more easily. also love the year round glow this gives. i find my skin is constantly moisturised and never dry regardless of weather. skin pores also shrink and return to normal. overall skin quality is fantastic and obviously much healthier. 
  • HEALING: my wound healing is clearly accelerated on the frugivore diet. more nerve energy is freed up from digesting difficult cooked meals that can now go towards wound healing and tissue regeneration. 
  • ADDICTIVE TENDENCIES: i love how loud and clear the 'eat' and 'stop eat' signals are on the raw frugivore diet and how there are no addictive tendencies. no emotional urgency to eat just a relaxed feeling even when hungry. for instance, one time i cried and actually got angry over the thought of not being able to have my usual plant-based burritos within the next hour. i was extremely emotional and wasn't overly hungry. and when i did have these foods the rate of eating was hurried and intense. my blood sugar variations were also much greater. i realise not all cooked food is created equal but now no matter how hungry i am i don't have this crazy pull to eat eat EAT and as soon as i do feel that 'must eat more of this NOW' feeling then i know what i've eaten is not raw. i had this sensation after eating some 'raw' crackers which actually ended up having a number of cooked ingredients. even fermented saurkraut doesn't give me this feeling or even salted raw food dishes. 
  • PERIODS: i really enjoy lighter periods and without fail they are always lighter on all living foods. 
  • FOOD PREP: i love love love flameless food prep, it's magic for me! so enjoyable, no sweating, no burns. i actually love creating beautiful vibrant dishes now whereas it was a chore with cooked food at dinner time. 
  • PEACE: i seek out more peaceful surroundings and people. i strive to conduct myself in a peaceful manner. i am still a passionate fiery individual ofc but raw inspires me to approach life from love rather than judge others harshly and see them as bad people, to understand their struggle. that doesn't mean i won't be holding others accountable and speaking up passionately with the truth but it's about always keeping my intentions pure and from the best place. 
  • ETHICS: animal liberation is important to me and eating this way is far better for the animals and environment than even a cooked vegan diet. 
  • FOOD FOREST: i am more excited to grow my own food and spend time in my food forest.
  • BIOLOGY: i'm a frugivore so i am designed to eat this way 🤷‍♀️
  • IM DONE: that's it! cooked food just doesn't work for me anymore. yep, it doesn't... but it never really has, no matter how much i told myself it was ok.

i may add to this list as things pop into my head. please lettuce know below why you are doing the 30 day challenge or why you stopped eating cooked food etc. let's inspire eachother to be true to our frugivore biology :) 

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  • I can't quite remember the post about grains are for birds,but I looked into the topic of anti-nutrients found in grains and seeds.... It seems almost all the so called super foods block our vitamin absorption... 

    • Oh and ''Garins are for the birds'' is a chapter in a book I read in my early teens (a long time ago :'D) by Elaine Hollingsworth I believe...I learned a lot from her back in the day...didn't agree with everything but most :) <3 

    • Funny...was just having a text conversation with my son about this :'D I reccon soaked and activated seeds is another story but in their natural unsoaked state, nuts probs survival food? In times of need? That kinda how I look at it...

      • There's evidence of certain beans,nuts and seeds to have defensive capabilities to ward of predators,to block vitamin and mineral absorption... this could be another reason to go HCRV!!!!

      • Tell me I didn't just type ''garins''...puh-leez! :P 

        • Hehe... Auto-correct can only do so much!!! .. lol

  • Today is day 6 and it's been great! I had an almost all fruit day. Breakfast was big juicy grapes and sweet Cara Cara oranges. Lunch was a big big bowl of strawberries followed by Freelee's corn chowder... yuuuuuum!!!! Dinner was 5 bananas, and more strawberries. I also made a nice jar of orange juice in the middle of the day. Loads of energy and lots of impromptu dancing 🤪

    • Oh I had a small snack of the sunflower seed cheeze with mini sweet peppers. So ALMOST all sweet juicy fruit 

  • Been increasing plant foods since 16y/o, following freelee for 3+ years. Made a whole bananza of raw dishes for the holiday, some higher fat but mostly hclf like banana cinnamon swirls (banana dehydrated with date/cinnamon paste) or chocolates (blended dehydrated dates, bananas, ground chia, vanilla, cacao (a gift for my mom with edible flowers, she loved it!)) Been intending to rehydrate and simplify fruity meals to recoup after the holiday joy and so grateful this space got such a revamp! :)

    Have worked on an art piece for days straight, this kind of focus is always so amazing when eating more fruit/raw. Nothing helps attention in school more, studying agriculture to pursue food forestry. New fantasy art ideas are more vivid plentiful, I have energy to read morning and eve, I have endless houseplants for now because plant life feels too precious not to experience. Feeling more capable of sleep, meditation and movement practice when my mind isn’t fluttering, searching for nutrients. i feel cared for. I have always worked on fantasy media to tell tales about the magic of earth, i feel both like a fairy and a witch eating this way!

  • I love this post!! I've been raw vegan for 14 years now. I had no idea what it was about but one day I woke up and was no longer interested in cooked foods. However, I started out high fat raw. I loved it at first and lost all my excess weight (85 pounds in 7 months). But I didn't love being in the kitchen all day. When I found out there was another way to eat raw, I was excited! I love fruit! This would be a breeze... or so I thought. For years I struggled to eat as a fruitarian. Eventually I convinced myself that I could have the best of both worlds... fruit and high fat. VERY BAD IDEA!! I gained some weight, I struggled with cravings. I even began to have cooked food cravings. I hated being in the kitchen all day making raw vegan pizzas and crackers and other heavy raw dishes I was craving. Years into the struggle, I found some wonderful women (freelee on 30bad) and a few others on Instagram that helped me find my way. I lost the weight and my desire for all of those heavy raw gourmet dishes.
    I love joining in group events that help me celebrate my love of fruit ❤️

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