Hey Fruit Munchers

Would you like to further your understanding about a 80/10/10 Low fat Raw vegan diet to be able to thrive on this diet and lifestyle?

Would you like to make a career in the raw food industry? Are you thinking of becoming a qualified health coach?

I am selling a package with everything Dr Graham has ever written or produced. Every single book, DVD and information sheet could be yours for a huge discount!

I bought his Supreme Health Package and Raw Nutritional Science a while ago but because of my gypsy lifestyle they are still sitting in a box at my Dad's flat barely touched. The only things that are a bit used are the 80/10/10 and Nutrition and Athletic Performance book. Most of the DVDS I have never had the chance to listen to so they are as good as new.

I paid $1850 for all the products. The Raw Nutritional Science course is worth almost $500 alone. Everything could be yours for the bargain price of $950 + postage from the Uk which is a MASSIVE discount.

This is a huge savings and great opportunity to learn more about a LFRV diet and how to achieve your health goals or start to teach others. You will have access to all the products Dr Graham has ever done.

If you are interested let me know either on 30bad or

Have a fruitastic day

Jenee :-)

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  • Hello Jenee,

    I live in the UK and am looking to buy “Making Friends with Your Food" (6 DVD video set). Would you consider selling this separately?

    Many thanks,


    • Dear CherrySweet

      so sorry for the delay in replying to you. I have been on the move again the last few days so was not online much.

      I would be happy to sell 'making Friends with your food' separately. As I bought it all as a set (excluding the raw Nutrional science course) I checked on the website to see what its individual value is and it costs $399. I would be happy to let you have it for $260 and then you pay the shipping from London to your present address. This is brand new and never been used so it will save you $140!

      let me know what if you would like it and then we can make a plan for payment and will get my Dad to send it to you asap.

      love and litchis


      • Hi Jenee, thanks so much for getting back to me and offering the DVD set at a reduced price. 

        Unfortunately I cannot quite afford that price still at the moment, but I will start saving up and get back to you in the near future, if thats ok?

        Many thanks,

        CherrySweet x 

        • Hi Cherry Sweet

          I know it is quite a expensive DVD set as there is 6 DVDS and each one is packed with valuable info. Rozi, Doug's wife, is really amazing and is such a big shinning light.

          What price would you be able to pay now? Would love to let the wisdom out into the world and let it be shared with those who need it:-)

          maybe you can email me on if possible?

          love and litchis

          Jenee :-)

  • Hi Jenee! :)  I am doing well!  All this stuff you are selling I have and it is awesome to get you in the right mind set with the right info.  This is what Durianrider would download on his ipod when he first came to the lifestyle and listen to over and over to get himself reprogrammed and at the same time ready to respond in an instant to anyone with questions.  Great deal, I also bought my materials second hand from someone on vegsource.

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