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  • Your welcome. You too, Jenee. :)

  • you're so beautiful! I feel I am a gypsy at heart...

    much love!

  • Folkestone's nice :) I love the sea!

  • Thanks for accepting my friendship :) I'm in the south east at the moment. Where abouts are you right now? We definitely need to get more uk meet ups going - specially now it's summer (though you wouldn't think so today!) :) Have a really lovely day, Esperanza xxx

  • JENNEE!!


    Thinking mid october of heading over to koh chang!! You wanna change of scene and come with me?


    Let me know- if your up for it- be cool to hang out with you i so want too.xx

  • Jenee!


    Hello Lovely!


    I am in Chiang Mai- I am doing a massage therpist course so will be here til mid october- then my visa is out - so I'm over to Vietnam to mui ne- so we can catch up over there is you fancy a break from thiland....


    my number is 852344712



  • Thank you Jenee!
  • If not enough fruit on Ko Tao try Ko Pangan ..... Ko Samui almost ruined by richer tourists ..... Ko Pangan has quite a good daily market and fruit shop in the main port town of Thongsala ++ fruit stalls around the place ..... stay over near SriThanu near the freshwater lake .... try Laem Son II
  • Hi Jenee, You cannot really go wrong with fasting. It really depends on what you would like to accomplish with your fast. A true fast means youtake in only water or nothing at all (that is known as a dry fast and should never be done without having done some water fasts previously). If you consume anything at all in addition to water, then you are not really fasting. However, I still pthink there is much benefit in doing juice "feasts" and colon cleansing programs. I have done them all over the past 25 years and have found them all to be beneficial in their own way. If you have never fasted before, I think it is alway s good to start small and see how you feel. If you opt for a complete water fast, it is important to get regularly bloodwork if you plan to go for longer than 10 days. There is a small percentage of people who are genetically incapable of storing much potassium and can become depleted as the fast progresses--this can cause heart arrythmia and is potentially very dangerous. It is quite rare, but you never know if you are one of them and it is much better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. If you are in a tropical region and have access to coconut water from young coconuts, that is one of the best cleanses you can do. In his book, Coconut Water ( Dr. Bruce Fife discusses doing a coconut water "fast" in which you drink only the water from young coconuts for several days to several weeks at a time. This is a very safe type of cleanse because the coconut water contains an abundance of electrolytes (potassium/sodium) so you do not need to worry about becoming deficient in anything. He recommends up to 8 coconut waters per day (fresh out of the coconut). His book is fascinating and packed with information on the tremendous health benenfits of this amazing beverage. I hope this info helps you some. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
  • Jennee- Are bike shops plentiful on koh samui? I want to hire a good bike. Know any places I can do a good retreat-(not a retreat centre- they are crazy expensive)....
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