New running shoes! PLEASE HELP (-:

Hi There

Im in need of a new pair of running shoes and not to sure where to start!

My last pair I bought at a running shop in London for way to much money! - Asics I.G.S -  they where very comfortable and light but didnt last long. Really need something that has more wear and tear but is still light and comfortable!

Any advice would be muchly appreciated (-: Thanks alot!

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  • Thank you so much for the feedback - greatly appreciated (-;

    I will check the options out!

  • I like my Asics a lot.  They've been working fine for 2 years for me.

  • You should go to a proper running shop so they can match your running style and running regime with the appropriate shoes. If money is an issue you can always take that assessment and buy online which should save you a few dollars. But there are different shoes for different people and different goals so I don't think it is wise to take advice from someone that can't make that assessment. Having said that I have always found Nike shoes to be hard wearing, but I run in Newton's because they suit my running style and mileage better. Find what is right for you.

  • Just got Vibrams Bakila's. They're great and I already feel stronger in my pose form. Highly recommended!

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