Any Fruit eaters in India???

On my way to iIdia in November and will be there for awhile. Would love to meet up with other fruit munchers while I am there. If you live there or might be around between November and April (over the winter) please let me know. Be great to meet up and share some fruit together :-)

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  • I saw a comment in this group of someone in India during that time:

  • Hi jen It can be tricky I will admit! when I have gone to sit meditation courses has often been when I have not been completely raw. In Thailand they always have fruit but as everyone eats fruit there, it is not enough to live on. They always have lots of lettuce/tomato/ cucumber at lunch.

    I sat 20 days in the US and they provided fruit for me but it was a bit challenging to convince the, I was not going to get sick or faint!!! I have been to the center in india many times before and I have made it very clear on my application and with the center manager that I need LOTS of fruit every meal.

    Centers will not be happy about you taking fruit. I sometimes take dates as a back up. They are very reluctant as they want people to eat what is given and don't want people to use it as a detox center. Just make it clear this is how you eat and it is important for your health. I have always had dietary requests when meditating as i was vegan and allergic to gluten before raw  :-)

  • we will be two weeks in india in december/beginning january. Delhi, Allahabad, Mumbai...

    • Hi there

      will be heading to India 8th Dec but going straight to gujarat. then sitting 30day vipassana meditation course there so wont be travelling north until after that. If you end up being in the gujarat area between 9-12th dec I would love to meet up:-)

  • hi Jenee... i'm going to sri lanka then india, will be in south india fr around the end on januari... where in india are you?

    • Hi jen

      I am heading to india middle dec and then sitting a 30day vipassana meditation course in Gujarat. finish mid jan and then not sure what. would be awesome to meet up if you still around when I am finished:-)

      • Great...! I'll stay a couple month in India, heading north, along the Konkan (western coast). Wish you Good Luck with the 30day vipassana course...! :-)

        • Thanks! Lets keep in touch! would be great to meet up :-) enjoy your trip to mother inda!

          • Jenee, just curious, will they let you bring fruits to the meditation? I asked about that in Thailand, and they were reluctant. How are you gonna do that, logistically?

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