What matters most?

I have spent many hours contemplating the relationship between the mind and the body.  What is the most important factor in my health and my happiness?

I was vegetarian since a young age (about 11 years old) and was always concerned about health and rather obsessed about being thin. I generally ate a healthy diet by most peoples standards but I was very sick and miserable.  I also suffered from eating disorders for many years.

The biggest change in my life came when I began to practise Vipassana meditation work on changing my mind at a deeper level. Then I found a LFRV diet and things started to improve even more.

In my latest article I discuss in a bit more depth my thoughts on what matters most.

If you interested you can read it here.http://www.essentiallyrawesome.com/finding-the-balance-between-the-mind-and-body/

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Jenee the Fruity Gypsy

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