I am recently back in the UK after 8mths in thailand and as I move around a lot for work Im

finding it hard to have a stock of ripe fruit to eat and have started resorting to steamed potatoes!!! If I have to eat another potato I am gonna scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If anyone knows of a wholesale date supplier in the UK please please please can you let me know!

thanks so much (-:

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  • Thanks! I have manged to find some good dates in the UK! 

  • Hi jenee did u find any?
  • I think your belly won't be satisfied if you're going to eat mostly dates. It's dangerous to buy at wholeseller. I screwed my teeths in my 20s coz i was buying dried fruits and had too much stuff around at home. And forgot to eat fresh juicy fruits!

    Better buy 2-3 packs of fresh iranian dates (750gr each). I find them in almost every asian fruitveg seller shop in London (1.5-2pounds). Keep buying other fruits full of water and sugar!

    If you really can't find good cheap dates where you live i would buy couple of kg of them and deliver to you for free. I saw also medjool dates in same shop for 6pounds/kg. (pack 5kg for 30pounds)

    I haven't heard about date wholeseller in UK. In my country there is one in Lodz but they sell same quality of dates and they cost much more than in London. http://daktyle.pl/

    How many dates you wanna store&carry in your backpack?:)

    Daktyle i bakalie, szafran
    San-Tex jest bezpośrednim importerem bakalii z Iranu - jesteśmy jednym z niewielu importerów pistacji oraz jedyną firmą importującą świeże daktyle na…
    • Dear Fruity78

      Thank you so much for your kind reply! much appreciated.

      I am presently in Kent and there is no asian shops around. I will be in london for 1night next week to see my dad in southfields.

      I always eat as much fresh fruit as possible but in Uk I often find myself unable to have enough ripe fruit available to eat 100%. I usually go to a job for 2wks and I can be placed anywhere. Luckily only do this for a few months of the year depending on how much money I need to live on for the rest of the year!!! 

      I have had a few suggestions of possible options to order dates online but if I dont find much I would be extremely grateful if I could take you up on your kind offer to deliver them to me when I am next in London next week wednesday?

      I would like to get maybe a stock of 10Kgs even if I dont take them all with me for the next 2wk job!

      thanks again for your kindness (-:

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