June 14

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36 year old fun loving guy who found both your channels on youtube in July 2012. I have been transitioning on to an 811 lifestyle since then and I can honestly say that I have never felt better :)

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I'm HCRV already

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no single

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tao te ching, pulp fiction, leo babauta, having fun, outdoor activities, cycling, running etc etc

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I will comply because I like totally agree with all this

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  • Hey, I'm from Manchester. 

    Are you going to the UK Fruit Fest this year?

  • Hi ya.. thanks for the connection.. Hope you are doing well on your quest to stay raw :) x

  • Thanks for the friendship :)

  • Yeah, most of my friends aren't raw vegan (or vegan) even, but I am very used to being the only one...grew up in a family of carnivores! haha.  Sounds like a fun weekend so far though.  My weekend is pretty relaxed; been a tough work week, so I am definitely enjoying the down time!

  • Ooh nice.  I got my oranges and bananas yesterday, so feasting away.  I don't have anything planned yet...will probably lay low though.  It's been a tough week!  How about you?

  • Yeah I'm good thanks, looking forward to my oranges this friday :) you up to much this weekend?
  • Hey there!  Thank you for the add!  How are you doing?  

  • Totally!! thats why im not sticking about :P hope lifes treating you well and pouring enough fruit all over you in blackpool!

  • ahh where i live is not good for organic. i eat what i can from the garden which isnt much, and buy fairtrade bananas from sainsburies, the rest i buy from their late night sales which is super cheap, not yet ripe and sometimes organic. i get organic dates from the local healthfood store. look up organic wholesalers in your area. i miss being in places where these exist, but if you're in a city its more likely. im in the countryside, so any wholesalers here are non organic and actually more expensive than how i buy.

  • Hi,

    I wanted to let you know we will have a raw fruit festival in Spain next September

    Maybe you'd like it.


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