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I am selling all of Dr Grahams products that he has done at a huge discount.

I bought his Supreme Health Package http://foodnsport.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_76&product_id=91 and Raw Nutritional Science http://foodnsport.com/store/raw-nutrition-class-video a while ago but because of my gypsy lifestyle they are still sitting in a box at my Dad's flat barely touched. The only things that are a bit used are the 80/10/10 and Nutrition and Athletic Performance book. Most of the DVDS I have never had the chance to listen to so they are as good as new.

I paid $1850 for all the products. The Raw Nutritional Science course is worth almost $500 alone. I am looking to sell all the products together for $1200 if anyone is interested?

If you only want 1 item I will sell raw Nutritional Science for $300 and the Supreme Health package for $900. plus postage from UK.

This is a huge savings and great opportunity to learn more about a LFRV diet and how to achieve your health goals or start to teach others. You will have access to all the products Dr Graham has ever done.

If you are interested let me know either on 30bad or jeneexx@gmail.com.

Have a fruitastic day

Jenee :-)

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