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Vegan, fruit's my favorite :) music lover, outdoors is a beautiful world, and it's all better when we share it!

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I'm high carb raw vegan

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Fresh air, hiking, cycling, swimming, going to the beach, reading, writing, socialising and generally having fun! Oh, and eating fruit :)

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I will comply despite some disagreement since I am a team player

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  • Hello , so sorry thagt i have not replied i have not been on this site in ages! I am normally on facebook though if you have that? <3

  • I just saw your pictures from before and after-so inspirational! Thank you! 

  • Grazie a te Esperanza e complimenti per il tuo italiano

  • i went out this last Friday, if i could ask, after having two large bowls of mixed fruit; one for breakfast and one for lunch. late in the afternoon i started to develop stomach pain. not sure if it was a gas pocket because of the candida gas or just cramps. i ate warm food for supper and put a hot pack on my tummy. the pain was gone in the morning. the fruit was kiwi's, bananas and mangoes garnished with some mixed berries the bananas and mangoes were about 80 % ripe.

    it's Sunday now and I'm having fruit for the first time this morning. I'm afraid of having cramps again.

    any thoughts about what might have happened. i have hand a candida bloom when i started this diet two weeks ago. it has subsided some 50 % now I'm taking a pro biotic to help slow down the candida.

  • it's amazing how emotionally attached people are attached to their food.  my wife isn't emotionally strong enough to make any of these changes and she couldn't handle what her family would say; let alone giving up foods she likes. the only time she will change is when she is severely sick. and i have to watch!!!! i guess in 5 months when i am in amazing health somebody else in her family will see the the amazing change and she won't be so afraid.

  • hey did u find a portable midi keyboard?????

  • Hello there!!

    I hope you have had a lovely day at the tropical side of our island, I on the other have managed to get completely soaked.

    Thank you very much if I manage to conjure up any questions (I'm sure I shall), I will will certainly ask you.

    take care.

  • Your transformation is really inspiring
  • Hey there,

    I just wanted to let you know that you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and your transformation is nothing short of magical - I'm so happy for you. I was literally crying while watching one of your videos haha. It's really a huge testament to the power of healthy, clean eating. Thank you!

  • Hey Esperanza :) Thank you for having the courage and desire to share your story with others. Your metamorphosis is absolutely beautiful and heart warming ^-^ I hope to meet you in person someday, maybe at the woodstock festival! I love your reminders to be grateful because we are all truly blessed.

    Have beautiful, loving experiences >3 love  ya monkey sisah ;)

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