The lovely Cecilie approached me with the brilliant idea of putting up an information pamphlet here on The Frugivore Diet.  Thanks to Cecilie (& a few others) it is now available! You can just print it off and give it to interested people you meet on your path (or a web version is available).

Ryan waved his magic design wand and...

here is the finished product...( 2 versions) One with foldable lines and one without...

Any donations to help support Cecilie's raw food website would be greatly appreciated!

Download here...

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  • Here is a slightly-modified version. If one of the mods wants to put it in the thread's main body..



    • Thank you Ryan, looks good!

  • This is amazing <3 thank you for making this :D

  • Freelee's last name is love?

  • Just printed one out and left it on my Mum's coffee table =o)

  • Thank you for making this available,

    i'm promoting it on my web-site.
    Thanks for all the good you do :-)

  • Wow, this is really neat. Thank you!

  • This is really handy, great stuff, thank you!

  • Hrrm? I thought that this lifestyle was now being called High carb raw vegan or HCRV?

  • hey thanks so much for putting this together! This is just what i need to explain to y family that i am not crazy:) great job

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