would love to hear how you went after 30 days on the frugivore diet. please lettuce know in the comments. the struggles, the successes etc. and congratulations!

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  • I am quite late but here is my update to go fully plant-based and reducing step by step my consumption of processed foods, fizzy drinks, flour, and oil.

    - I don't feel sluggish after a meal
    - My extreme appetite reduced but only after I included potatoes instead of fruits in lunch and dinner.
    - I no longer enjoy oily foods after getting used to sweet nature foods especially bananas and sweet potatoes (they are my favorites)
    - My waist got a bit tighter by 2 cm and I lost a bit of weight since the start of 2021
    - I enjoy my day with less worry and concern about my progress to my goal of being fit and healthy

    I do want to mention that I am not on a raw diet and as I experimented I was able to find what works with my budget and what foods I prefer ( No gym just focusing on my diet)
    This is how I eat and it has been great for me:
       breakfast= fruits and a cup of black tea
       lunch=hummus, or a salad and chopped vegetables or sweet potato
       dinner=soup, a sandwich, potatoes, tomato sauce and peppers, couscous...
       snack on=fruits, vegetables, homemade juices, nuts, popcorn, compote...

    I did eat for a week or two processed foods when I had stressful exams but I got back on track right after that. I share this to show that whatever your goal is you should always be consistent and patient to notice a change.
    Overall I am not on raw till 4 and neither on 80/10/10 but experimenting was the key for me!

  • what an inspiring thread!

  • Literally never felt better. I'm glowing. My skin is clear, my hair is stronger, I've lost weight, better endurance throughout my workouts, energy as soon as I wake up. My stomach isn't bloated or gasy, my eyes are clear, my body odor is like gone (it used to be bad lol), and I just feel happier and in a better mood. 

    what was difficult at the start was eating enough. Freelee pointed out my day seemed low cal and she was spot on. Felt like poop the next day and exhausted. When raw foodists say eat enough they aren't lying. Literally stuff in the calories to feel amazing! Just the right sources of calories 😊

    I'm still raw and going strong. I don't see myself eating cook plant based anytime soon. So glad I got to do this with y'all! Congratulations everyone ❤️

    • wow so good to read all these benefits and glad you got ontop of calories :)

  • I have nothing but praise:)

    • The trial and error of finding my go-to LFRV meals was difficult but once I did, it was smooth sailing and felt better!
    • Huge energy boost
    • My salad making skills have improved lmao
    • I'm never bloated and look more toned
    • Mangos are the most satiating food to my body
    • It takes less glasses of water for me to be hydrated
    • My parents said my skin looks brighter
    • Dehydrated foods were great for easing in but I don't need them anymore 
    • I feel nothing when I see cooked food! Taste buds got the memo and replaced🤍
    • Finding new exotic fruits to hunt for and try in the big city is so fun!

    Overall I'm eating like this from now on. I'll probably incorporate some steamed sweet potato. Gonna keep posting here! 

    • fantastic list, thanks for taking the time to make it. wishing you a fruity future. 

      • Ty Freelee😊

    • That sounds perfect!! This was lots of fun! I definitely crave high fat raw foods less now (really not at all these days). I'm eagerly looking forward to spring fruits!! I'm glad you're going to keep posting here! I will too. Hopefully others will also ☺️

      • Yes and more vitamin D every day! can't wait to see your next posts🥰

  • The 30 days challenge was so much fun! It really helped me stay away from my favorite higher fat raw vegan dishes. I made new friends and the time seemed to just fly by!!! I'm looking forward to the next one!! ☺️

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