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The normal forum guidelines apply to the raw till 4 forum as well, please refer to them here:

A brief overview...


With the flow of awesome advice given by the admins it's easy to forget that they are here as volunteers. They are here out of the generosity of their heart. It's inevitable that some members will take them and their advice for granted and this just isn't ok. If you have a problem with their conduct (or mine) then feel free to contact us. We also do not allow people to make disrespectful comments to our admins directly in response to their advice. 


If you want objective feedback we request all participants of this forum keep a food diary here or in the BLOG section (and link to it). These diaries should include daily entries of everything you consume, quantities, calories, exercise, water and sleep. If you don't have a diary here, we won't be able to help you or answer your questions effectively. This is a two way street, help the admins and others by doing your bit (of keeping a diary) and the admin will do their best to be available and accommodating. 

Naturally we understand you will feel like sharing/asking for assistance if you are struggling on the lifestyle, so in order for the admin to assist you (from an informed place) they MUST have access to your RT4 diary. We ask for a minimum of 2 weeks 100% RT4 before asking for assistance and please link to your diary in your post. We ask this of you because this is a SUPER group, that is results driven.  Without your diary entries we cannot ever give you accurate or objective feedback and this wastes everyones time. Please help the volunteer admins by requesting this from other members too. At the end of the day if you have not been keeping a diary then it's just not fair on those who are giving their time for free.


We kindly ask you not to extend any advice to other members in this group unless you are an active participant of RT4, have an updated food diary here on this page and have shown to understand our principles well. Many people come here looking for advice, and with the amounts of advice given, it's always difficult to differentiate between actual constructive advice to further guide someone on the RT4 path, and fad advice. We do appreciate people helping each other out, that is very helpful for us! But, we need you to follow the RT4 principles when you extend your advice and expertise to others. Advice that includes increasing fat (nuts, seeds, avocado, tahini and oil intake), as well as advice on limiting calories or 'listening to your body' or limiting carbohydrate and/or fruit intake does not concur with these guidelines. 



We do not subscribe to messages or videos talking about calorie restriction, or any other name it goes by ("Listening to your body"). They will be deleted. You are free to watch them and follow them, but not within the confines of this challenge, as embarking on that path will set you back and we do not want that for you. We won't be able to guarantee your succeeding on this lifestyle that way. We want you to eat sufficient calories at this stage in the challenge, we do not endorse anyone promoting caloric restriction in any way. We understand it's difficult and people will want to stretch it a bit to accommodate their own comfort zones. But, we've anticipated that, we understand where you are at this point in the challenge. Please do not post messages of the sort in this group. Also, do not give out advice that is in contradiction to our guidelines. It makes it very confusing and difficult for people coming to this group to better their health. When you do give advice to others within this group and this setting, please follow our guidelines in doing so and do not post material that contradicts what we're trying to do here. Thanks!


On the RT4 lifestyle, the use of expensive superfoods is not needed. Most often they are extremely high in fat and protein, and this does not mix well with a high fruit/carb diet. We do not buy into snake oil fads, nor will we allow any kind of promotion of them. Also, nutritional yeast is a neurotoxin, it feeds a disbalance in one's hormonal system, and add to candida issues. We do not allow any posts promoting either superfoods or nutritional yeast. Also, Marmite, due to being a yeast based product and high in salt, is not recommended, and can lead to unfortunate candida issues. If you have B12 issues, we recommend Hydroxocobalamin or Methycobalamin shots, or sublinguals. These are the two forms of B12 that are safe. Cyanocobalamin, unfortunately the most frequently used form of B12 can have a toxic affect in the body. 
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We definitely don't recommend enema's or colonics here. They are potentially dangerous and have been known to perforate the bowel, they also push faecal matter up in the opposite direction and disturb the population of delicate bowel flora. They are totally unnatural and unnecessary. They address a symptom but have nothing to do with addressing the cause, we need to avoid putting bandaids on and get to the root of the problem. Fibre from fruits and greens is the best bowel cleaner around :) 

Thanks everyone!! Please enjoy yourself here and work with us to create a stable, focused forum :) 

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  • Does anyone have any more information on nutritional yeast, I was not aware it was a neurotoxin?  Thanks!

    • I don't think a little here and there will hurt..

      • +1

        while it really isn't a food as you wouldn't want to eat a bowl of it any more than you would a bowl of garlic, it's not a biggie on occasion.

        Here's a past discussion on why we don't generally recommend it:

        * Nutritional yeast (Why?)

        • Thanks.  I am not convinced that nutritional yeast has MSG in it, because I get none of the side effects I have with MSG.  I eat it pretty much every day, so I'll try a week without it and see how I feel, and then have a big meal with a lot of it - and see if it makes a difference.

  • I've started Raw till 4 today. When your out and about what do you eat? do you take snacks with you as carrying salads is unrealistic as it will go off.

    • I bring bananas, peaches, organic apple sauce cups, and smoothies to school. Occasionally a granola bar. 

    • Usually rice and beans with veggies.

  • hey guys! I was wondering what do you guys think of homemade pot popcorn? 

    • Keep in mind that most corn is GMO.  But if that doesn't matter to you, or you have a good source, and it agrees with you, go for it!  

      Easy peasy in a few minutes in a pot on the stove, and you don't even need oil.  

  • Are we allowed to post videos related to Raw till 4 on this forum somewhere? If so, can someone show me where? Thanks!

This reply was deleted.