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Hey everyone,

We have been discussing this for a while and have decided a separate 'Raw till 4' forum on 30BaD is a good move. We fully believe in the success of the RT4 lifestyle and have seen it work for many people. We are also going to allow RT4 videos to be accepted in the video section. We want to appeal to 99% of the population not just 1% of the population. Please keep discussions about cooked vegan foods to this category. We have outlined some Rawtill4 guidelines to keep you feeling your best!


1. As always on 30BaD ONLY plant foods are allowed on this program. No animal products, no exceptions.

2. If you want to get the RT4 results then we recommend fruits & greens ONLY to be eaten till 4pm every day then a high carb cooked dinner of plants. No cooked food during the day. Food combining rules still apply.

3. 1000+ calories from fruit for breakfast and 1000+ from fruit for lunch is recommended for success, then have a high carb cooked plants dinner. Examples are a meal of potatoes/root veggies (several lbs) or several cups of rice or gluten free pasta with low fat, low sodium sauce.

4. 10% or less of your calories should come from fat a day, please work that out at (, 5% is optimal. Oil is not recommended on this program. Learn to cook (& eat) without it and you will gain wonderful health benefits. Although not ideal, try using some apple juice or water.

5. Approved sources of cooked carbs are organic potatoes, root veggies, rice, gluten-free pasta, high carb ancient grains. These sources are approved because they are low sodium and minimally processed.

6. Fragmented sodium should be kept to an absolute minimum. We recommend under 1000mg's a day and under 500 mg's for maximum leanness and health. Use herbs where ever possible in place of salt. Sea salt should be treated the same. Lemon juice and lime juice is also a great substitute for salt.

7. Food should be eaten whole and minimally processed wherever possible. Vegan junk foods are generally high in fat so are not recommended. If you must have them then once a week maximum or you will not benefit like you should from this program. Please avoid discussing high fat vegan foods on this high carb forum.

8. A big green salad should accompany your dinner meal to aid digestion and will minimise white blood cell proliferation from the cooked food. Ideally start eating it first.

9. Buy organic wherever possible (particularly potatoes), it tastes much better and is better for the environment.

10. NO sweets or fruit after cooked food or fermentation and poor digestion will result, if you want sweets after your dinner you didn't eat enough fruit during the day.

11. Big green smoothies are great for getting the calories in for breakfast/lunch. Bananas are a great fruit staple throughout the day.

12. One day a week we recommend a 100% fruit day to give your body a cleanse, we suggest the start of your work week or the day before.

13. Unlimited calories every meal, no restriction. The idea is to get as much raw food in as possible before 4pm so the majority of your calories for the day should still come from fruit. Don't under eat on fruit during the day or 'save up' your calories for dinner time. This is about abundance at every meal.

14. Chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be kept to a minimum. They give too much protein if eaten in excess. They can be added if your fat & protein intake stays around 5% of calories for the day. Be aware that combining them with high carb foods may hamper digestion. If they are tinned make sure they have "no added salt" on the can.

15. You will need to drink more water on this program than on 100% raw because the cooked food does take water from your body. Make sure you are peeing clear, especially before you go to bed.

16. Move daily, it will help increase the efficiency of your colon and move the cooked food through more quickly.

Practice gratitude and peaceful emotions at meal time! :)

Here is a video on how to do Raw till 4:

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  • sooooo whats the deal with dried fruits?? eg banana chips, sultanas, dried pineapple, pawpaw, apricots, mango etc etc etc

  • with cronometer do I look at the top % or the % on the bottom??

  • I want to know when doing banana island can/should you add anything to the banana smoothie example coconut sugar/ dates / greens? 

    • Can you? Sure.

      Should you? Probably best not to, at least for the first week or so. The point is to simplify things for your stomach as much as possible. Maybe try adding coconut water if you want to change the taste of a banana smoothie. 

    • The nature of an island is that it be exclusively the named fruit, to maximize digestive ease.  Ample water intake goes without saying.

      Should the island extend more than a couple weeks, I'd at least incorporate plenty of tender leafy lettucy greens for greater nutrient density.

  • Hi.  I was hoping someone would share some recipes. Is there a place to find some of Freelee's recipes?

    • she's created many YT vids of just that

  • What is everyone's favorite dinner?

    I have been a huge fan of boiled potatoes with lettuce (as a wrap!). I put the tiniest bit of salt on the potatoes right after I drain them (that is the best time to salt them - they absorb more so you don't have to use as much for taste!). Sometimes I even sprinkle a little rosemary and oregano on there! yum!!

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