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welcome fellow frugivore! it's great to have you here on the new site. this site was formerly known as "30 bananas a day" and that URL will still bring you here. i created 30 bananas a day back in 2009 and have spent about $8000 on the site since then (mostly on fees and graphic design). the site is now over $1000 a year but will always be free for you to enjoy (as long as i can afford it!). i stopped posting on the site a number of years ago after giving into cooked food :-/ and although the site was still costing me money, I resisted deleting it as it's such an amazing wealth of raw living food information with over 34,000 discussions (so be sure to do a search!). i also knew deep down that i'd be back ;) another reason for revamping the site is that i detest the control facebook, youtube, instagram has over forums and our data. this platform is a lot better and allows more freedom.

personally, since april 2020 i am back on what i call "The Frugivore Diet" which is a raw living foods diet or high carb raw vegan diet and the perfect fresh name for the site imo. as far as i'm concerned - this is it, for life! i hope to connect (and reconnect) with many more of you on the same path and reignite the worlds love for fruit and living foods. new year, great time to embrace a new (or old) healthy way of living. i am still tweaking and updating the site so you still may see reference to 30 bananas a day here and there. if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and i will reply when i can. i plan on spending more time on the site but am still busy with youtube and my food forest.

would love to hear about why you are here or why you are returning, please lettuce know below. the site is a little quiet now but i'm sure we can get it 'fired up' again. please spread the world and invite those you think will be interested. i will be making a dedicated video promoting the site on my youtube channel. i know i'm excited for the future!

love freelee (& yes i have since dropped the use of capitals for a number of reasons!). 

PS - here is an example of a week of eating for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8aCCH9W23Q

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  • Yay! This is great news! Thank you for keeping up the amazing work! Glad to see you here again! ❤

  • Thank you freelee im so pleased you're back and starting the January challenge, (if it's a challenge?) it's just what I need right now x

  • Thanks to you I found my way to the fruitarian way of living almost a decade ago. I've been off and on on this diet ever since and now - don't you love synchronisity? - I just found my way back to it again, around the same time Freelee started working on the new website (which I love, by the way!). This time, I really want to stick to it. When I only eat fruit, I run faster (I'm a long distance runner) and more effortless, my hair looks better, my skin looks better but best of all, my mental state is happy, happy, happy. Food addiction is real and it's a real struggle to beat the addiction to vegan cooked food. I have been transitioning slowly over the past year and my cooked food 'binges' are more and more less frequent.

    Some of you may remember that I come from a not optimal relationship. I'm happy to say that I have since divorced and found my soulmate. He's vegan as well and he shares my passion for bananas :D We moved to Hungary together and started a self-sufficient lifestyle here. We got married in our beautiful garden one and a half years ago. Life has been really great for us before the virus hit us. We had a fruit supplier that brought fresh fruit once a month right onto our doorstep, but they stopped replying to our e-mails. Every supplier we contacted tells us the same story: "We can only deliver to Budapest and not to remote villages". In winter, we have to rely on shops for our fresh produce because nothing grows in this climate.

    For this reason - and some other reasons as well - we want to move to southern Spain where we can grow fruit all year round. That's our wish for 2021 :)

    Anyway, it's great to be back on these forums and I'm looking forward to talk to you!

    • wow very cool to see you again annelies! and welcome back. i agree with a lot of your sentiments about the raw fruit-based lifestyle, it just rocks on so many levels. im back for life! very cool, sth spain sounds amazing and im sure you can grow epic fruit there, you can make it happen!

  • Thanks for rebooting this Frugivore Freelee :)  I'm in need of a reboot myself and looking for the turning point.  I appreciate you and all you ared doing

    • awesome patrick :) we all need a reboot sometimes and i think the 30 Day frugivore challenge will be the perfect place to start. thank you for the kind words, great to have community!

      30 Day Frugivore Diet Challenge starting 1st Jan, who's in??
      so i was thinking a good way to support you on your frugivore/HCRV journey is to have a 30 day challenge and what better time to kick off then Jan 1s…
      • Thanks Frugivore Freelee !  I am strongly considering it.  I have had many succesfull 30-90 day similar experiences, but i've gone pretty far the other direction (still - always - vegan) this time.  I'm worried about setting myself up for simliar rebounds in the future.  In the meantime - you're an inspiration to us all - thanks freelee!

  • Yeh! So happy you decided to re-create and begin anew here. So nice to have a place to re-connect with the fruity tribe!

    Been wanting to get inspired to be all raw again (after eating high raw with cooked carbs with raw periods for the last few days) so looks like I now have it! I always feel soooo much better eating this way.

    Thanks for re-connecting us all. <3

    • welcome back jenee! i hope you join the 30 day challenge :) 

  • Freelee!

    Keep pushing on, and keep spreading the word. Food is medicine

    We live in a world, where people are profiting from pain and suffering. We have taken so much from mother earth, now she's taking payment.

    Love and peace from St. Augustine, Florida

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