Greetings everyone. I'm excited to share with everyone here in tourism my passion of bicycle touring. I've been a cyclist for over 15 years getting my start in BMX, MTB, Road, Bicycle Touring/ Bikepacking. I've traveled a great deal around the globe and always wanted to figure out a way how I can turn my passion into something that can offer value to people. I'm not here to drop a link, but I do encourage you all to PM me if you are interested in guided cycling tours in New York City. I have 4 tours as of now with one that is scenic and leaves NYC for an hour. Bike touring is such a great way to experience a place and it's people. I've been open for business for about 3 months now and received 2 bookings so far. I am working hard at getting more daily. My website is optimized for mobile and other devices for anyone to book anywhere. Anxious to share a link to my website so check it out here... Bike Tours by Manual Pedal where people can book a bike tour. Would love for you to share with friends and family who may be visiting the city here. Looking forward to hearing feedback.

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  • Hello! Cycling is really great, especially if you go on a trip with family or friends with it! I'm wondering if you have a map of vegetarian shops and cafes? They usually sell less allergenic food, so it would be great if you have the option.

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