This is a group for those wanting to eliminate cooked foods from their diet OR for those follow a high carb cooked vegan lifestyle. Please keep all cooked food discussions to this group. Thank you!

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Some guidelines

Welcome! Feel free to talk about cooked VEGAN food here.  We suggest you stick to discussing high carb cooked vegan foods like potatoes, root vegetables, rice with minimal dressing if any as they are the most healthful cooked food choices. Below is a transition diet I 'created' for those of you coming from a SAD lifestyle and wanting to make the switch to a high carb RAW vegan lifestyle.

Here are some guidelines that we support, put together by the super helpful PK

  • Cooking is for emergencies only such as financial reasons and or there is no ripe fruit available, then low fat cooked starches may be an acceptable back up plan.
  • It's always healthier to steam than any other cooked method.
  • Corn and Root vegetables digest better than grains like rice.
  • Always choose foods that are vegan and promote compassion towards our fellow earthlings. We do not support the discussion of non-vegan cooked foods in this group or on the 30BaD forum.
  • Avoid dairy products for compassionate and health reasons:
  • Cooking denatures food.  Try to plan for at least 75% of the diet to be raw fruits and leafy greens.
  • Cooked foods should still be low fat for weight control and cardiovascular health and optimum energy.
  • Continue to focus on high carb high calorie sources and the more nutrient dense, the better.
  • Fruits do not mix well with cooked foods and or grains.  An idea is to eat fruit meals during the day, and perhaps end the day with a big salad and bowl of steamed rice.
  • Cooking should be simple, with as little processing and as few ingredients as possible, and foods should resemble their original states such as steamed broccoli verses cookies.
  • This is not a license to kill foods with salt and spices or to eat McDeaths french fries.  A bowl of steamed rice is fine, hold the oil, salt, and spices.
  • Continue to follow other guidelines such as avoiding booze, tea, coffee, soda, drugs, etc.  Read more here:
  • Cooking is for emergencies only, and not for a transition tool.  We still recommend going 100% low fat raw fruit and leafy green for optimum digestion and health results.  As we have said before, one cannot ride two horses (or bikes;D) with the same bum.  For best results and to get over addictions, just do it 100% if and when possible.
  • While high carb cooked vegan fare makes for the best backup plan when we're not able to find delicious raw fruits and vegetables, the use of toxic ingredients defeats the benefits of this fallback position. Therefor, in all cooked-food discussions, we expect members to abide by our list of unsupported ingredients. If you're going to eat cooked vegan food, keep it simple: bare cooked potatoes or rice, steamed veggies and such.
  • Whenever possible, choose ripe fruits and leafy greens.  Primates and humans cannot manufacture vitamin C, and must consume it in fruit and greens, or they may develop sub-clinical symptoms of scurvy which could include things like skin ulcerations and mouth infections.  Grains and some beans do not have vitamin C, and some beans and potatoes that do have minimal amounts, may have the vitamin C rendered useless via cooking.
  • Continue to consider that some of the cheaper so called starch foods have little or no vitamin C, and are usually high in protein.  These foods may cause an acid condition in the body that can contribute long term to arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth decay, kidney problems and kidney stones and cancer.  Grains can also cause indigestion, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and indigestion.
  • Again, it is recommended that as soon as circumstances allow, that one should resume eating a low fat raw fruit and tender leafy green based diet.  For some folks, that may be as easy as downgrading the house and car payment.
  • To save a little money now and go the starch route, only to get sick and have to pay for doctors and medications later on is a decision one will have to ask themselves if it is worth the risk involved.

BTW, I have known millionaires and people making over 100K a year who cannot afford fruit because they are maxed out financially on the McMansions they have bought and the beamers and benzes they drive.


Thanks folks!

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  • Do you guys use white cane sugar in your smoothies?
  • can someone please tell me if eating 1/2 cup of brown rice mixed with raw lettuce and veggies at dinner time everyday is bad for digestion? im 16 and eat 2100+ calories from fruit and have a salad with sweet potatoes, brown rice, steamed veggies cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner every night and my bowel movements are really inconsistent. ill go a week going everyday but then the next week i won‚Äôt go for a day or so. please anything would helpūüė£
  • Here are some breakfast & dinner ideas using garden food. If you're interested, go to my blog for more garden photos and dinner ideas!!¬†


    This smoothie tasted like hot peaches and cream oatmeal! I blended warm vanilla almond milk with the peaches from the peach tree in my yard and raspberries. 


    This is cooked potatoes, beans, and radish from my garden!

    Oh...and this is a very privileged pizza with vegan Daiya cheez and homemade vegan pizza dough using the garden tomatoes and lettuce!


    Vegans Living Off the Land
    A guide to reducing poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, pollution, and other world challenges by utilizing sustainable ecological practices.
  • Hello fellow vegans!

    Love that you are following this lifestyle.

    I'm currently on tour promoting veganism and animal rights with 10 Billion Lives and blogging about my experience on NY Nomads.

    Being on the road can be challenging as our storage space is very limited in our van.

    However, we do have a blender and microwave.

    Most days, while I campaign on campuses, I eat bananas, dates, apples, and other fruit. By 2p, I am starving and wishing I could eat a veggie burger or some of the other food we mention to college students looking to transition into veganism.

    For someone that is very active - running 6-10 miles in the morning and then spending 8a-4p active walking around campus and setting up our kiosks - to stay full and happy during the day.  Anything you all recommend I can prepare and eat?  Fruit alone has not been terribly fulfilling when I am so active.

  • Mostly raw- Vegan Pesto!
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    vegan can't have pets or can they
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • What I Ate ~ 3000 calories¬† LOW BUDGET DAY!

  • hi Di Bunea¬†

    vielleicht kannst du versuchen die kokos milch durch weniger fettige sachen wie reis milch zu ersetzen, wenn du sie aber nur ab und zu benutzt sollte das in ordnung gehn :)

    viel erfolg noch auf deiner "journey" 

    und gr√ľ√üe zur√ľck aus dem "ice cold hamburg" ;)

  • Hello dear fruit eaters!

    I have created my website: out of passion and devotion.

    I love the low-fat raw vegan lifestyle and would like to help you as well on your journey.

    That is why now I offer private health coaching sessions and different programs to facilitate breakthroughs and make it easier for you. 

    Come and join me for a FREE 30-minute discovery session to find out more and see if we are a good fit for each other!

    Subscribe to my free newsletter for healthy tips, recipes, personal stories and more..!

    You can also join me on Facebook:!services/c162u

    Have a great day! :)


    Raw Essence
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help plz my parentsand dietshion would not allow me to be HCLFV

hey guys plz i need help and its being annoying me for the past few months okayi finish recovering from my eating disorder/anorexia in november, a during that time i was force to be pescetarianism until i was better so on november 10th 2014 i became vegan what i wanted to be for a long time but couldn't coz of my 2 years of that.for the last 6 months i want to be a high car low fat vegan, but my parents and even my dietician would not alowed me and here are some of my parents reason 1. carb…

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Going to a nutritionist! Need Help!

Hello everyone, as you can tell from the title i'm going to see a nutritionist. It's not my choice believe me, its my mums. I'm 15 and I've been vegan for almost 3 months now and have followed the hclf vegan lifestyle I'm going to be writing down what I eat for a week on my vegan lifestyle so the nutritionist person can see it and was seeing, as there's a lot of people on this discussion, if anybody knew any foods that I could get so I can prove to the nutritionist/dietitian  that I'm getting…

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Calcium and vitamin E

On cron o meter whenever i put what i eat in a day in there it says i only have had 60% (500mg) of my daily calcium, and also only about 50% (8mg) of my daily vitamin E. I eat about 2500 calories everyday and all my other nutrients are pretty much fine. maybe the vitamin e thing is because of a low fat diet and vitamin e is found in fattier foods?i try to keep my ratios between 5 and 10 percent of fat and proteinI've heard that vegans need less calcium because vegan sources are easy to absorb…

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Is this diet possible when bananas may not be an option??

Hello, I am considering moving in with my parents for 6 months but there is a big problem in that my Mum is so allergic to bananas that even the smell makes her vomit!I thought I could maybe store my bananas in the garden but I run the risk of animals stealing them all haha - does anyone have any experience of storing fruit in the garden?? If that won't work I will have to just not eat bananas while I stay there! Does anyone have any tips for a banana free HCLF diet??

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